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Access low-level information about your computer’s hardware
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RW-Everything can access low-level information about your computer’s hardware. This program can provide data related to virtually any component. Since the information is provided in its raw form (hexadecimal figures), it is the user’s task to interpret what it means. Therefore, this is not the kind of tool everyone can use, as it is exclusively intended for experts, such as hardware engineers, performance test engineers, and diagnostic engineers.

Despite the evident complexity of the background knowledge that is needed to use this program successfully, its interface makes it quite easy to use. In this regard, accessing the data provided by each of the hardware components is very straightforward. A click on one of the buttons in the toolbar opens a window with the desired information. Yet, as you would expect from such kind of utility, the interface looks quite plain and technical.

As said, info about practically any hardware component can be accessed with this tool. For example, you can use it to know such data about your RAM as type, size, and timing; it is even possible to access the raw data being stored by the memory at a given time. Likewise, the program can scan the PCI bus and provide all its configuration space. Moreover, you are allowed to get all the details about the connected drives. Not only that, if any USB device is plugged in, you can also access any data related to it, such as manufacturer and model.

However, this program’s name would not be right if it allowed only to read info about your hardware. As you may have guessed, it also lets you change these parameters; but this is when you should be most careful, because entering the wrong data may actually damage the component. So, if you think you do not have the required skills, you had better not mess around with this feature.

All in all, RW-Everything probably provides more information about your hardware than any other utility out there. Fortunately, although donations are welcomed, the product is absolutely free. But, again, this program is definitely not for any kind of user and the developer explicitly warns that misusage can lead to serious consequences.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports practically any hardware component
  • Allows read-write operations


  • Data supplied in its raw form
  • May be dangerous to use
  • Plain interface
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